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About us

While I was a firefighter in England, my second passion was always the stage and movies. I was fortunate enough to have trod the board a few times, appeared as a supporting artist in many movies and television productions and met some famous actors along the way…. As a result, I got my SPOTLIGHT and a casting agent.

Alas, after retiring in 2013 from the fire service and emigrating to Portugal, it became very expensive commuting to the UK for auditions. So, I decided the best cause of action since I cannot go to the mountain, I would create the mountain myself. So, to this end, I created my own film production company. Here, I embarked on my exciting journey.

And BLUEWORM productions was born.


Behind The Camera

• Blueworm • productions •

I completed my first movie (wrote, produced, part direct and stared in). And took the bold first steps into making documentaries.

As part of my performance education in the UK, having attended acting classes and learning and honing the craft and art immeasurably, I joined supporting artist agencies and worked on the likes of THE FIFTH ELEMENT, JAMES BOND (tomorrow never dies), STAR WAR EPISODE ONE, THE MUMMY, LOVE And TV series such as EAST ENDERS, ATLANTIS, DANGERFIELD and a made for American TV series called, GALAVANT.

BLUEWORM productions offers a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during production. All crew and cast find our work environment, (be it on location or on rehearsal) very light-hearted and respectful.

Our policy is based on three words: TRUST, RESPECT, LOYALTY.

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Blueworm productions dedicates itself to helping creativities come to life.